Quality Management

As part of our Quality Management arm, we provide the following services:

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of ISO 9001:2008 QMS
  • Preparation of Project Quality Management Plan
  • Conducting supplier evaluation assessments
  • Raising awareness of QMS within the organisation.
  • Prepare and review procedures, work instructions, forms and other standard project documents.
  • Manage all quality non-conformances and ensure effective correction is taken.
  • Facilitate in quality review meetings and ensure the implementation of the recommendations and decisions resulting from these meetings.
  • Conduct regular reviews of the quality system, establish and implement an internal quality Audit programme, carry out quality audits on suppliers, contractors and subcontractors as required.
  • Monitor the quality system to determine where improvements can be made and recommend the necessary corrective action.
  • Assist in ensuring that quality records are identified, filed and archived as required as per the document management system.
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