Project Experience

Note: the following experience is based on the individual experience of our Team and the Company

  • proposed 2.5km longsdale to percy clinic via flora road upgrade from grvel to tar in ga-mmabasotho village of aganang local municipality- capricorn district- limpopo province project no: mig/lpf/alm/15/16 (EIA)
  • makadikadi/ireland small access bridge project number: lnm033/2015/16 (EIA)
  • gravell to tar upgrade of existing 4.5km access road from unit s to q – in lebowakgomo town of lepelle nkumpi local municipalitycapricorn district- limpopo province contract no: lnm037/2015/16 (EIA)
  • Polokwane park inn hotel (SHE): SIVET (SHEQ)
  • Flag boshielo water reclamation plant upgrade ( OHS): Lepelle Northern water
  • Fig tree Substation: (ECO): Eskom Nelspruit
  • Makonde Mathane Bridge: (EIA): Thulamela Municipality
  • Kanyamaze-Gorge Powerline: (GIS): Eskom Nelspruit
  • Soekmekar Substation: (ECO): Eskom Polokwane
  • Lebokgang Substation: (ECO): Eskom Witbank
  • Nigel balk water Project (EAP): Ekurhuleni Local municipality.
  • Polokwane Regional Water Scheme project (ECO): Shumani SHE specialist.
  • Kanyamazane Substation: (EAP): Eskom Nelspruit
  • Muyexe Community library arts and culture centre project (ECO): Shumani SHE
  • Specialist.
  • Kallput Substation (GIS). Eskom North West
  • Manaileng access road project (EAP): Road Agency Limpopo
  • Walvater road rehabilitation project (ECO): Road Agency Limpopo
  • Camona Zandfontein Eskom Powerline Project (Ass EAP): Eskom Witbank
  • Motlhaeedi boow pit (mining permit: Dolmen Engineers
  • Valkop Dam Eskom powerline Project (Ass. EAP)
  • Eskom CNC station Pedi-Mamone Project (Ass. EAP)
  • Bronkorspruits RandWater RWS Project (Ass. ECO)
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